I'm Toyan Miller

I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Certified Gluten-Free Practitioner with certifications in Gut Health, Hormone Health and Essential Oils.  Diagnosed with 10+ Autoimmune conditions over the years I have learned how to take control of my lifestyle and thrive. I show YOU the tools that you need to heal YOU with holistic wellness. I provide education using natural solutions; nutrition, gut health benefits, mindset, essential oils and more. 

My Lifelong Struggle with Antibiotics & Illness

I grew up a sick kid: bronchitis, sinusitis, walking pneumonia. I was hospitalized at 2 years old and kept in an oxygen tent for pneumonia. I just never got better. I was always on antibiotics – at least two to three times to five times a year. In my twenties, I had an allergic reaction to penicillin. Later in life, I had two episodes of anaphylactic shock while in the hospital. Not only could I not take penicillin, but I could no longer take any form of that branch of antibiotic. 

As I got older, my doctor said it was dangerous to keep putting me on the same antibiotics because I could develop an immunity to them. We tried lots of over the counter medicines and breathing treatments in his office. I was still getting sick and taking so many over the counter medicines. When I got sick, I was down for a week or two at a time. This happened two to three times a year. I also have multiple autoimmune issues which did not make life any easier. Did you know that one of the side effects of antibiotics is autoimmune disease?

How My Life Begin to Change...

A friend introduced me to doTERRA Essential Oils. I was struggling as a new teacher and getting exposed to so many new bugs. I was using a lot of sick days! It felt like a losing battle.

I diffused certain oils at night to help open my respiratory system and improve my sleep. I continue to do this daily. I also use specific oils topically and internally and take a variety of supplements.  Now, years later, I have not taken an antibiotic or an over the counter medicine to help with these issues. My doctor misses me! 😊 

**We are all bio-individuals. What I have done may not work for you. That’s why I work with you to see what works for you specifically. 

People need to feel empowered with their own healthcare.

This is why I do what I do!