Hi there!

I'm Toyan Miller

I am an essential oil educator, leader with doTERRA,  and the owner of The Oil Connection. I had a career in corporate real estate for 16 years then transitioned to being an elementary teacher for 10 years.

During my time as a teacher, I was introduced to doTERRA. I started using essential oils on myself, my family, and in my classroom with wonderful results. For me, they were life-changing. I retired very early from teaching so I can educate people on how to use doTERRA and improve their health.

My Struggle with Antibiotics & Illness

I grew up a sick kid: bronchitis, sinusitis, walking pneumonia. I was hospitalized at 2 years old and kept in an oxygen tent for pneumonia. It just never got better. I was always on antibiotics – at least two to three times a year. In my twenties, I had an allergic reaction to penicillin. Later in life, I had two episodes of anaphylactic shock while in the hospital. Not only could I not take penicillin, but I could no longer take any form of that branch of antibiotic. 

As I got older, my doctor said it was dangerous to keep putting me on the same antibiotics because I could develop an immunity to them. We tried lots of over the counter medicines and breathing treatments in his office. I was still getting sick and taking so many over the counter medicines. When I got sick, I was down for a week or two at a time. This happened two to three times a year. I also have multiple autoimmune issues which did not make life any easier.

A New Chapter with Essential Oils

About three years ago, a friend of introduced me to doTERRA Essential Oils. I was struggling as a new teacher and getting exposed to so many new bugs. I was using a lot of sick days! It felt like a losing battle.

I started using the oils daily to boost my immune system. I diffused certain oils at night to help open my respiratory system and improve my sleep. I continue to do this daily. Now, three years later, I have not taken an antibiotic or an over the counter medicine to help with these issues. My doctor misses me! 😊 

Has my health been perfect? No. Have I had to take prescriptions or over the counters like before? No. It is such an empowering feeling to have something this amazing help me consistently! I had to start sharing with everyone I came in contact with.

People need to feel empowered with their own healthcare.

This is why I do what I do!

I started talking to people about the oils and helping others.

I’ve watched people get amazing results

I’ve left elementary teaching and now educate full time on essential oils everywhere!